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Money is a huge part of your life. You’re thinking about it when you go to work, buy coffee and stop at the grocery store. You might even be saving up for that next big investment, like a car or your first house. A community bank can help you manage your money and work toward your goals. Millyard Bank, opened in December of 2019, was established by individuals, professionals and business owners to provide a resource for our community. Millyard Bank- Powering Your Success!

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Running a business is hard work. We understand that details are important and you can rely on Millyard Bank to partner with you and your company to assist with deposit and commercial lending services. Millyard Bank- Powering YOUR Success!

What makes Millyard Bank the right choice for you?

You can trust us as a reliable and knowledgeable partner for you and your business. Our employees, directors, and shareholders, all work, live, and play, locally and understand our market very well. We will deliver personalized service while also offering the best in breed technology. Not receiving the attention you deserve at your current bank? Please join the Millyard Bank family - we will be pleased to assist with Powering Your Success!

Why A Community Bank?

Larger national banks are becoming bigger through mergers and consolidation. Many regional and so-called community banks are being bought and managed by larger, out-of-state entities and tend to focus on larger loan and deposit customers. It has become increasingly difficult for small to medium-sized businesses to secure funding that meets their needs. Many banks today have minimum lending thresholds. Local representatives who process the loans, and who may have a relationship with the customers, are not part of the decision-making process. Decisions are often made through a centralized loan center located outside the local community.

Millyard Bank is independent, locally-owned and managed, and where decisions are made locally by people who get to know their customers, rather than by someone outside the region, or the state.

Millyard Bank - Powering Your Success!

Established By Local Business Professionals To Serve Local Business Professionals

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