Great customers deserve great banking.

Hear from some of our favorite local businesses about what our community bank means to them.

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Kari Headington

Hollis Montessori School

"Millyard is a local business just like us so they understand our needs in a way a big bank never could."

"What I loved about Millyard Bank was their connection to the community and the personal attention. You didn't have to go through so many layers-whether that is being on hold or pushing lots of buttons-there was none of that. It really made us realize how important the relationship with your banker is."

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"The Millyard team took the time to get to know me and take a personal interest in helping my business succeed."

"The interactions with the Millyard team were so different from our old bank-you can tell that they care. We received an email in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and all it said was, 'We will take of it.' Who gets emails like that from their banker?"

David Orpin


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Karen Goddard

M&C Clothing

"A relationship with Millyard Bank comes with a banker who lives in the community and intuitively knows what my business needs because of that"

"One of the goals of my store is to keep the money circulating locally. So, the money you spend here stays here. That meshes with the Millyard Bank philosophy of lending locally. Bigger banks don't understand my business or feel like part of the community."

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"After big banks failed us, Millyard stepped in. It's so refreshing to know I have a local bank that is truly behind me."

"As a small family business, we thought having a 30-year relationship bank would have value. It didn't. We would go months with no response to our applications or inquiries. When we switched to Millyard Bank, it was like night and day. Having confidence in your banking relationship allows you to grow your business."

Jodi Gould

Christian Party Rental

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Seth Simonean

The Flight Center

"Everybody from the top down responded like a friend and a stakeholder. This experience has changed my perspective on banking."

"Everybody from the top down responded like a friend and a stakeholder. I have never had a bank drop everything to get on a call with me and then genuinely ask if we were ok. You just don't find that in today's banking world. It was a one-of-a-kind experience."

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"With Millyard Bank, it's more personal-you get the same person all the time."

"I am a people person. When I come into your bank, I want to be recognized. I want people to know me and talk to me. I get that at Millyard Bank. Other banks I've worked with have that 'We don't care because we don't have to' attitude, and that just doesn't cut it anymore."

Ken Winchester

Winchester Mechanical

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Shoshanna Kelly

Kelly Creative

"Technology was always the thing holding me back from switching banks - but Millyard Bank is actually way ahead on that front."

I always wanted to switch banks but never had the time. I was also worried that a
smaller bank wouldn't have the technology I needed. But when I went into my big bank
and the teller didn't even recognize me, I knew it was time. Millyard Bank not only has a
warm and responsive team, but they have a great mobile app, easy online banking, and
an ATM that's light years ahead.

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"They exceeded every expectation I've ever had for a bank."

"As a small business who had worked with big banks in the past, I wasn't used to the
level of customer service they provided. When I emailed, I got a response almost
instantly. They treated me like a long - term friend and customer - taking a personal interest in my business from day one."

Matt Dispensa

Gateway Hills Health Club

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Turn Cycle Solutions

Mike Turcotte

"They are in the business of keeping yours."

When you walk into Millyard Bank, they know you by face - every teller, every loan officer. And the space they've designed is just as inviting. No more drab walls and/or stuffy furniture. I feel comfortable there."